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11/6/22 : Thanks to the 2022 Phillies

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

When the Phillies clinched a playoff spot in Houston in game 160 of the regular season the Astros showed a lot of class by displaying on their scoreboard the message “Congrats Philadelphia”.

Now that the Astros have won the 2022 World Series this fan reciprocates and therefore says Congrats Houston. It’s cool that Dusty Baker finally gets a WS ring.

For our Phillies it was a great run they took us on - just two wins shy of getting the thirteen needed at the beginning of the playoffs.  They’ve established a standard to follow up on next season and now the off season work begins.  From this fan’s perspective I’m thankful for the excitement that was brought back to Philly with the sellout crowds that showed and shined - that’s much more reflective of the Phillies fan base than the ugly side often portrayed by a minority of the audience.  Philly is a great sports town and it showed on the biggest baseball stage this Fall - that’s very cool.

As a fan/writer who chronicles the Phillies minor leagues and player development I am particularly proud of the fellas who came up thru the system - many made their big league debuts this season. More often than I care to hear it's been said that our PD department hasn't produced - this year's run was very much supported by the members of the Phillies Day Care and others who climbed the ladder in the organization. I believe that only the Astros and Cardinals had more "in house" players on their post season rosters than the Phillies. That's really cool and guess what - if ya follow me this off season I'll tell you about more to come 🤓 - cause that's what I do.

So - we look forward to the Hot Stove rumblings, the off season moves and the coming spring when the crack of the bat and the pop of the mitt are heard once again!

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

photo by Matt Jones - my son in law 😀

Note : I've just partnered with Fanatics on Phillies Merchandise - if you would like to help support my website and articles here's a link to order merchandise - I get a commission on any sales - thanks for the support.

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