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12/20/21 : The Baseball Spirit

Christmas Season, a glorious time

Goodwill, merriment and holiday rhymes

From gifts of giving and family cheer

To baseball fans sensing Spring Training is near

Anticipating the crack of the bat

And scurrying to see who hit that !

Pitchers and catchers warming in pens

And fielders sharpening skills to defend

Christmas time, reaffirming our faith

The Hot Stove cooking, no time to waste

Labor agreement - we do need one

The lawyers must be diligent to get it done

Alas no matter even with a lockout

The Baseball gods can’t see us pout

For akin to Christmas there’s Baseball Spirit

Infectious with love we see, smell and hear it

Both spirits can’t be broken, forever alive

They bring us happiness and smiles so wide

For baseball season is just around the bend

And Clearwater is ready to welcome Phillies friends

So as Christmas nears for us all once more

I wish you true joy and future baseball scores

May Christmas swell your heart with joy

Soon see ya at Carpenter to cheer “that a boy” !

Happy Day, Happy Baseball is my passion

Hope the Baseball spirit finds ya alike in fashion !

Merry Christmas !

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