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2/17/2021 : First Day - Pitchers and Catchers

The Phillies took the field at Carpenter Complex this morning as 2021 Spring Training officially kicked off. Conditions weren’t ideal as intermittent rain showers and chilly temperatures (by FLA standards ) greeted the initial group as they gathered by the third base bench on Ashburn Field.

We spotted Dave Dombrowski and Sam Fuld amongst the coaches. Archie Bradley and Zach Warren were the first two pitchers to play catch and do drills ... they, along with all the subsequent groups worked on Schmidt Field, it’s usually the one used for wet grounds, seems to drain better.

The Complex is closed for fan admittance and will remain so for the duration of spring training. Can’t really see much of anything from the parking lot but using our trusty binoculars we were able to see that as each group ( looked to be two to three pitchers in each ) made their way to Schmidt field that the fielding practice focus was on pickoffs to first and second base. Couldn’t see if anyone threw off the seven mounds in front of the David Montgomery building as our sight lines were obstructed.

The players got their running in after their fielding practices, we shouted hello from a distance to David Paulino, Sam Coonrad and Aaron Nola as they jogged past us along the warning track of Ashburn Field ... just a note ... no one is allowed within 20 feet of the outfield fences.

Certainly a different type of experience for the first day of pitchers and catchers than in years past ... it’s all good though as we want everyone to be safe and healthy.

Uniform Number Change Notice : Rafael Marchan was wearing # 12 today instead of the # 13 he wore last season. Newly signed utility player Brad Miller will wear number 13.

Brandon Kintzler is wearing # 19 ... usually a number taken by a position player. The great Greg Luzinski wore that number.

Here is a photo I took with my IPhone ... not a very good one. Our buddy Mark Wylie was on hand today as well using his super zoom photography equipment. We hope to post a few of his photos from today later on. Something to look forward to 👍

Wanted to get out there regardless of the conditions to keep up a mini tradition of watching the first day of ST camp, mission accomplished in that regard 🤓.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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