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2/18/2021 : Minor League Game Schedules

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The 2021 game schedules have been released for the Phillies four affiliates.

“Triple-A teams will play 142 games (23 six-game series plus one four-game series because of the MLB all-star game) with the 20-team East League tentatively set to begin on April 6 and finishing on Sept. 19.

This year, all leagues have switched to six-game series with a standard off day every week. Around the minors, all but one league will have Monday off every week.

For players, the switch means that they will have gone from having one off day a month just a few years ago to one a week. The six-game series will also mean less time on buses or airplanes because teams will stay in one place all week on road trips.

While not every team will benefit, MLB says that travel across the board has been significantly reduced by the new scheduling. By MLB’s calculations, total mileage traveled has been reduced from 57 to 27 miles across the leagues.

“This schedule is designed to reduce the travel burden on players and coaches during the season, manage the risks created by COVID-19 and to create a marketable product for minor league teams in their efforts to engage their fans in 2021,” said Morgan Sword, MLB Executive Vice President of Operations.” - Baseball America

The Double A and Single A teams will play a 120 game schedule.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the Phillies affiliates :

Lehigh Valley :

Reading :

Jersey Shore : see the team website for full schedule

Clearwater :

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