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2/20/2021 : Today’s Zoom Call Media Sessions :

RHP Chase Anderson :

  • He said working with Caleb Cotham and JT Realmuto and playing for Joe Girardi were things that drew him to the Phillies plus having a chance to continue playing for a winning team.

  • He thinks that pitching multiple innings this year shouldn’t be a problem, has conditioned himself to pitch 150 innings plus this year.

  • His off-season wasn’t too different than prior years, was able to workout regularly.

  • Nick WillIams was a workout partner and gave the city of Philadelphia and the fans high marks which also was an influence in coming to the Phillies.

  • Said he treats spring training like the regular season competition wise and that helps bring out his best.

  • JT Realmuto reached out to him personally, had other offers but he’s excited to throw to JT. They chatted for about an hour before he signed with the Phillies.


Manager Joe Girardi :

  • He said players are the best recruiters and was pleased that JT reached out to Chase.

  • Doesn’t plan on “rolling innings” this spring, will bring in a reliever to finish any long frames and let the starter go back out the next inning if more work is needed that day.

  • Realmuto now has a blue cast on to let his thumb heal, Joe jokingly said he liked the cast color. Also said JT caught Kintzler today.

  • Joe said that Chase Anderson “stuff plays well” and is happy to have him on the team.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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