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2/22/23 : Today at the Complex

Major League Camp Activities :

Fifteen pitchers threw live bullpens on both Roberts and Ashburn Fields beginning at 11:40 and running till 1 PM.  Prior to that activity there was fielding, running and hitting practice on various fields.

Major League Camp Pitchers who threw live bullpens :

Christopher Sanchez ( up-down session ), Andrew Painter, Griff McGarry, Nick Nelson, Ben Bowden, Mark Appel, James McArthur, Erich Uelman, Luis Ortiz, Yunior Marte, Louis Head, Jeremy Walker, Jake Jewell, Andrew Baker & Francisco Morales

My observations :

Andrew Painter struck out the first three batters he faced in his session ( Brandon Marsh, John Hicks & Kyle Schwarber ) before Schwarber stayed in the box to see sliders - Andrew hung one and Kyle didn’t miss it sending it well over the right field fence - he then celebrated hopping down the first base line - smiles all around including on young Mr. Painter’s face afterwards - follow up reports were that batters were wowed by Painter’s stuff - velo was easily upper nineties.  Team camaraderie is overflowing in camp  - really good stuff.

Griff McGarry was crisp in his session as well - fastball was jumping and his slider was nasty with bite.  In many scouts opinion Griff had the best stuff in minor league baseball last season - that’s saying a lot but when you watch him throw it’s evident he’s got the goods - so much for those who discount the talent in the Phillies system 🤓. Andrew Baker was sharp again also - slider had depth and the velo was posting high on the heater.

On the hitting side Jhailyn Ortiz drove a Louis Head inside pitch far beyond the left field fence but into foul territory - he then adjusted to an outside pitch in the same AB and smoked it to the base of the fence in right field - drew praise and a fist bump from hitting coach Kevin Long.  Darick Hall had a couple good plate appearances - drawing a walk in one and smoking a hard ground ball just to the right field side of second base in the other - likely a single without a shift in place - got good feedback from Howie Kendrick.   Darick also has had two strong infield drill sessions at first base the past two days and is taking fly balls in the outfield - don’t believe reports he can’t play out there as he did so a couple years back during winter ball in the Mexican League - he’s more athletic than he’s given credit for by some.

Top - Andrew Painter delivers against Brandon Marsh - Garrett Stubbs catching - bottom - Painter faces Kyle Schwarber

Other News :

RHP  Noah Song has been transferred to selective reserves from his Naval service commitment and will report to the camp Thursday. The Phillies chose Song in the Rule 5 draft - as a rule 5 selection in order to keep him he must remain on the active roster for the entire season however since he’s been inactive in baseball for awhile there’s likely a grace period before he must be added - it’s complicated - quite a plot twist 🧐.

Minor League Mini-Camp Activities :

Eleven pitchers threw afternoon bullpen sessions on the seven mounds area in front of the David Montgomery Training Center.

Position players were divided into three groups for fielding, base running drills and BP.  They also were treated to a talk from Kevin Long & Kyle Schwarber inside the Montgomery Building to close out the day’s practice.

Minor League Pitchers who threw bullpens :

Sam Aldegheri, Eiberson Castellano, Andrew Walling, Cam Wynne, Wesley Moore, Jordi Martinez, Nicoly Pina, Jean Cabrera, Danny Wilkinson, Enrique Segura & Jose Peña

My observations :

I watched base-running and infield/outfield drills today as I’ve been remiss on doing so thus far.   Baron Radcliff performed well in left field making strong and accurate throws.  Carlos De La Cruz took balls in right field and also first base - he’s already shown his prowess as an outfielder - footwork has far improved as a first baseman as well - at 6’8” it’s quite an adjustment on his throwing angles ( infield vs outfield ) however Carlos has a strong arm and is athletic - no worries.

In the base-running drills players were instructed by base-running coach Gary Catchcart and put into practice secondary leads, cutting the bags and picking up the third base coach while rounding second as well as tags from third on fly balls - emphasis was on technique in the drills - good stuff if ya enjoy watching baseball being coached like I do.

Minor League Transaction :

RHP Tom Sutera was released. Best wishes to Tom in his future endeavors.

Fun Facts - Did Ya Know :

Current consecutive MLB seasons with an above .500 record :

30 NYY

15 STL

12 LAD





Current consecutive MLB seasons with a below .500 record:







(CWS and SF were at .500 last year)

Back at ‘em tomorrow - Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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Top - Griff McGarry pitching to Brandon Marsh - JT Realmuto catching - middle James McArthur pitching against Trea Turner -  John Hicks catching and bottom - Francisco Morales pitching against Johan Rojas - Vito Friscia catching

Last article of the spring

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