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2/25/23 : Grapefruit League Minor League Call Ups for today & Starting Lineups

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Phillies vs. Yankees @ Clearwater

Starting Lineup :

Marsh CF

Bohm 3B

Hall 1B

Sosa SS

Stubbs C

Harrison 2B

Cave LF

W. Wilson RF

Machin DH

Nelson P

Phillies have scheduled McArthur, Y. Marte, Head, Bowden, Morales and Baker to pitch after Nelson. Trey Cobb & Jesus Cruz in reserve.

Minor League Call-Ups :

RHP Adams, Mike

LHP Armenta, Erubiel

RHP Cobb, Trey

RHP Cruz, Jesus

RHP Leverett, Adam

RHP McKay, Tyler

INF Brito, Erick

INF Castillo, Chad

INF Lee, Hao Yu

INF Rijo, Wendell

1B/OF De La Cruz, Carlos

OF Rincones Jr., Gabriel

OF Whitley, Garrett

OF Wilson, Ethan


Phillies vs. Tigers @ Lakeland

Starting Lineup :

Guthrie CF

Castellanos DH

Marchan C

Kingery SS

Clemens 2B

Hicks 1B

Muzziotti LF

Ortiz RF

Toffey 3B

Plassmeyer P

Phillies have scheduled Uelmen, Ortiz, Walker, Jewell, Jakob Hernandez, Noah Skirrow & Taylor Lehman after Plassmeyer.

Minor League Call-Ups :

LHP Hernandez, Jakob

LHP Killgore, Keylan

LHP Lehman, Taylor

LHP Lindow, Ethan

LHP Marconi, Brian

RHP Seelinger, Matt

RHP Skirrow, Noah

RHP Zarbnisky, Braden

C/1B Iser, Herbert

C/1B Quirion, Anthony

INF Cannon, Cameron

INF Martinez, Pedro

INF Podkul, Nick

INF Rincon, Bryan

INF Ward, Nick

OF Fergus, Cade

OF Pineda, Leandro

OF Radcliff, Baron

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