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2/26/23 : Grapefruit League Lineup & Minor League reserves for today

Phillies vs. Twins @ Clearwater

Lineup :

Trea Turner - SS

Kyle Schwarber - DH

JT Realmuto - C

Nick Castellanos - RF

Bryson Stott - 2B

Johan Rojas - CF

Jim Haley - 1B

Vilmael Machin - 3B

Carlos De La Cruz - LF

Andrew Bellatti - P

"Phillies have Bellatti, Brogdon, A. Vasquez and M. Moore slated to pitch today. Then, quite a few pitchers over from minor-league camp who will appear: Brian Marconi, Adam Leverett, Tristan Garnett and Erubiel Armenta." - Matt Gelb ( via twitter )

Minor League Call-Ups : 17 - note that these players are reserves ( may not play )

IF Hao Yu Lee

IF Pedro Martinez

IF Wendell Rijo

OF Gabriel Rincones Jr

OF Garrett Whitley

OF Ethan Wilson

LHP Brian Marconi

RHP Adam Everett

LHP Tristan Garnett

LHP Erubiel Armenta

LHP Taylor Lehman

RHP Mike Adams

RHP Braden Zarbnisky

RHP Matt Seelinger

RHP Tyler McKay

LHP Keylan Killgore

LHP Ethan Lindow

The game is being televised to the Philadelphia market on NBC Sports Philadelphia - if you have the MLB app you can also watch it there ( with a subscription ).

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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