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2/27/22 : Today at the Complex - Mini Camp Day Eleven

A shorter practice day today with BP and live BP the primary events of the day. Practice concluded at around 12:30.

BP was conducted on Carlton Field with staff personnel shagging fly balls as six hitters ( Darrick Hall, Dalton Guthrie, Madison Stokes, Bryson Stott, Johan Rojas and Jamari Baylor ) took swings against coaches Pat Listach and Andy Abad. Bryson Stott had a strong round routinely driving balls over the right field wall, Darick Hall continued to hammer the baseball, consistently hitting it hard.

Dalton Guthrie and Madison Stokes took grounders after BP while hurlers Jean Cabrera, Christian McGowan, Andrew Schultz, Zach Warren, Micah Ottenbreit, Cam Wynne and Andrew Baker threw bullpen sessions on the seven mounds in front of the David Montgomery Training Center.

Live BP began at around 11:30 with RH Adam Leverett, LH Brian Marconi and RH Matt Seelinger throwing on Roberts Field and a trio of lefties Braedon Ogle, Jeff Singer and Erik Miller throwing on Ashburn Field. I dashed back and forth ( as best as a fat 62 year old can do 🤪) between the fields to watch and take video - links are below to videos of each hurler. Jeff Singer was efficient and in command as he made quick work of his outing doing what he does best - getting batters out. He’s coming off a good winter league stint in the Mexican League and looks ready to go. Braedon Ogle and Erik Miller showed power stuff in their sessions, Ogle can overpower hitters when he’s throwing strikes - he did that today. Miller has an electric arm with a fastball that is quick and has late life that explodes at the plate, coupling that with the slider he also threw today with a sharp break it’s easy to get excited about his future. Erik will continue to be developed as a starter with the Reading rotation a viable target.

Darick Hall and Logan O’Hoppe each went yard during live BP - both have had strong mini camps all around. Vito Friscia gets the award for best balls and strikes calls - the catchers call the pitches in live BP and Vito barks em out just like a big league umpire 🤓

That’s a wrap to mini camp practice number eleven - below are the links to the videos of today’s live BP.

Braedon Ogle - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-braedon-ogle-live-bp

Brian Marconi - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-brian-marconi-live-bp

Jeff Singer - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-jeff-singer-live-bp

Erik Miller - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-erik-miller-live-bp

Adam Leverett - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-adam-leverett-live-bp

Matt Seelinger - https://www.philliesbaseballfan.com/post/2-27-22-matt-seelinger-live-bp

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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