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3/3/23 : Minor League ST Camp tomorrow

For those interested in Minor League spring training camp activities start in earnest tomorrow.

Here’s a brief on what minor league practice activities you can see if coming to the Complex  :

The complex opens to the public at 9 AM however since there’s a Grapefruit League game at 1 PM parking is limited and the lots used for the game will charge for parking.

Pitchers fielding practice will begin at around 11:30 AM on Schmidt & Carlton fields

Infield/Outfield drills for position players in mini camp will be held at noon - batting practice will follow after it’s completion.

There will be live bullpen sessions on Ashburn & Carlton fields beginning at 1 PM - they will run till about 1:45 or so.

A six inning scrimmage game will be played on Roberts Field at 1:15 PM - multiple pitchers will throw.

Admission to the complex is free - again it’s a major league home game day so parking lots that are used for that will charge a fee.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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