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6/4/22 : Finishing Off Extended Spring Training

Rain from last night left the fields damp so today’s scheduled bullpens were moved indoors within the confines of the David Montgomery Training Center. The official start of the Florida Complex League begins on Monday with the Phillies hosting the Blue Jays. There will be five games each week with Wednesday and Sunday as scheduled off days. The Phillies will play the Tigers, Blue Jays and Yankees with the regular season end slated for August 23rd.

To cap off the end of extended spring training the organization arranged for a special event for the folks at the complex. It was our honor to be included and share in the treat. A Ice Cream truck arrived at the complex a bit before noon and everyone was invited to partake in a desert of their choice 🤓. Milkshakes and Frappuccinos seem to be the items of choice however sundaes and good old fashioned ice cream cones were also popular. 😋

It was a nice way to finish off the grind of an extra couple of months of training with games that count now on the horizon. Thanks to Preston for including us in the mix 👍.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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