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7/5/22 : Today at the Complex

Today’s FCL noon game between the Phillies and Yankees was originally scheduled to be played on Ashburn Field but was moved to Tampa. Nonetheless we ventured to the Complex this morning and were happy to be able to watch three live bullpen sessions. LH Samuel Aldegheri, RH Cam Bedrosian & RH Sam Coonrad each threw.

LH Samuel Aldegheri :

Twenty years old from Verona, Italy. He last saw game action in 2021 with the Threshers on 8/13/21. We’ve always liked his potential - has decent velocity on the fastball and good secondaries - especially the slider but throws a slower hook as well. Today he seemed to be releasing without any difficulties, ball really moves out of the hand for the young left hander. He’s projectable to develop a mid 90’s fastball - sits lower 90’s presently but has flashed 94 mph. Samuel got a slow start plus was injured during spring camp and has worked to return since, today was very encouraging.

Sam Aldegheri - Nick Maton batting & Jackie Pertuz catching

RH Cam Bedrosian :

The veteran 30 year old hurler was letting it fly today in the first live BP we’ve seen him throw albeit I don’t think it’s his initial one during his rehab. He suffered an injury set back early on this year - participating in spring training pre camp. Cam has eight seasons of big league experience ( 311 games ) and has a five pitch mix with the four seamer generally in the 93 to 96 mph range. I don’t think we saw the full repertoire this morning but he was consistently in the strike zone with those he threw and seemed to complete his pitches without issue.

Cam Bedrosian - Alexeis Azuaje batting & Oscar Gonzalez catching

RH Sam Coonrad :

Guys on the 40 man roster bring a certain buzz with them when they are at the complex, more players will come out to watch and try to absorb knowledge from their actions and approach. Sam seemed to be letting it fly today, the crisp crackle and thump of the catcher’s mitt just sounds different when guys are bringing it upper nineties. He threw a bit longer than the other fellas, has had a few bullpen sessions in his rehab work where he’s felt some twinges in the shoulder but today he seemed fine. Nick Maton took one offering for a long ride but other than that no one touched it with any steam. We saw a lively heater and sliders this morning, he was a bit irritated with the location of one of his secondaries but that was just competitive sprit from our vantage point.

What was a cool moment was seeing 17 year old Nikau Pouaka Grego step into the box against him. How often does a teenage first year professional get to face a big leaguer with triple digit capabilities 🥸. It was fun to watch and Nikau actually got some cheers when he hit a slow grounder to first base in his AB. 😁. Things ya see on the backfields 😎.

Sam Coonrad - Nikau Pouaka Grego batting & Jackie Pertuz catching

Other Stuff :

Luis Garcia left Clearwater today en-route to re-join the Jersey Shore Blue Claws. He’s a very pleasant young man who’s really come a long way in his ability to communicate in english. We wish Luis well, the skill set is evident to advance to the top - but like everyone else he’s gotta produce in games to get there.

We chatted a bit with Lou Helmig, the 19 year old 1B/OF from Germany. Very cordial young man who can swing the bat really well in the small sample size of play we’ve seen. He’s a big fella at 6’5” - was out to watch live BP and root for Justin Williams who was one of the hitters.

Jake McKenna, Joel Cesar, Maikel Garrido & Wilson Valdez threw side bullpen sessions this morning. We couldn’t get a close look as the “guest barriers” are still in place but from a distance it all looked positive 😎.

Will report on the FCL and DSL games later - till then Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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