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9/23/22 : Today in Fall Instructs Camp :

Didn’t arrive till mid day so I missed the morning workouts.  When we got to the stadium we were able to see RHP Eduar Segovia throwing a live BP with Jordan Dissin & Gustavo Sosa serving as the hitters.  It was a true live BP as the hitters were swinging.  Eduar is a twenty one year old who suffered a shoulder injury during the 2021 season , he’s a big arm type who seems well on his way to being in the mix once again as a starting pitcher candidate for 2023.

Simulated game situations followed with pitchers throwing to hitters and fielders at all positions behind them.  What was cool was that each position also had at least one coach alongside on the field providing real time instruction.  Even the base runners were being coached live within the game action, a runner was placed at third in each scenario.  The game scenario was called out over the PA system before each AB.

With multiple coaches at work the instruction was non-stop.  Even when pitching changes were made two coaches would grab fungos and hit ground balls to the infielders while the outfielders also saw no down time - a coach hit them fly balls from the right field line as they gathered as a group in center field.  No wasted motion or stand around time for the entirety of the two and half hour workout - it was as collaborative and strategic as I’ve seen in the years I’ve been writing about the minor league development work.

While situational hitting is always worked on during daily drills this practice event took it up a notch with all the various activities of instruction - for a baseball junkie like myself it was intriguing.

The pitchers who threw in today’s workout were :

LH Sam Aldegheri

RH Danyony Pulido

LH Mavis Graves

RH Jesus Querales

RH Starlyn Castillo

RH Fernando Ortega

RH Eric Garcia

RH Nicoly Pina

RH Saul Teran

RH Chase Webster

RH Cam Wynne

Eric Garcia stood out to me - stuff seemed to jump, Samuel Aldegheri as well - really like his approach and demeanor.  Mavis Graves had batters way off balance with his off speed deliveries - swings and misses.  Starlyn Castillo can really spin them also.  Quickest heaters from my vantage point belonged to Cam Wynne & Nicoly Pina.

Dakota Kotowski & Cade Fergus each hit home runs. Other hitters who stood out to me were Raylin Heredia, Gavin Tonkel, Chad Castillo & Jorge Garcia - they each doubled. Jordan Dissin had a good day with a couple knocks and Cole Moore, Gustavo Sosa & Otto Kemp all delivered in their situational scenario either with hits or sacrifice flys.  Justin Crawford continued to impress with bat speed and quickness.

The group of catchers in this year’s camp are very athletic. From what I’ve seen Jordan Dissin, Ryan Leitch & Gustavo Sosa have guns for right arms - can really get the baseball to the bags quickly.   We watched Rickardo Perez all summer and have previously stated he’s got big upside both as a hitter and receiver.  Caleb Ricketts can swing the bat really well and Anthony Quirion has leadership qualities that we feel stand out.  It may be as good a collective group of catchers that we’ve seen in Fall Instructs since we’ve been observing - in past years there’s always been a particular stand out ( Rafael Marchan, Rodolfo Duran, Logan O’Hoppe ) but this year’s group will make team assignments difficult to decide next spring - that’s a great problem to have I think.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

Samuel Aldegheri on the hill

Eduar Segovia live BP

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