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1/2/22 : Adjusting to the Curve Ball

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball rather than the heater we generally are expecting. Adjusting and putting it in play is dependent on how we react.

Tomorrow at 6:15 AM I report to the surgical center at our local hospital for what will become the fifth procedure I’ve had ( last one occurred in 2014 ) to remove what are deemed pre-cancerous growths on my vocal cords. It’s something called Leukoplakia and effects my ability to speak. Previously I’ve had this done at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, a place that we developed profound faith for in the treatments they provided for both a benign brain tumor via radiation and my vocal cord condition. I’m a bit apprehensive about having the operation done in Florida this time but we’ve found a very experienced doctor who is widely acclaimed so the procedure is a go.

In the scheme of things that others have battled with this is a pale comparison but when the C word is in the equation albeit only as a possibility one can’t help but have some worry eh. The 2014 operation did reveal the removal of cancerous cells in the subsequent biopsy testing, hopefully not the case this time.

Why disclose such a personal matter - writing is my outlet, it makes me feel better. I’m not seeking any responses or prayers - just sharing via my writing blog is all. After the procedure I won’t be able to speak for a few days, that’s the protocol to allow the vocal cords to recover from the surgery. It allows for my comical side to kick in with my attempts at sign language to interact with my wife 🤓.

When I wake up in the recovery room they will give me a ice pop - amazing how I look forward to that 😂. Maybe as well there will be news that a new CBA has been reached and the lockout is over. 🤞 Either thing will surely bring a smile to my face. That’s my plan, handle the curve and put it back in play - after all, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Happy Day, Happy Baseball ⚾️

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Jan 03, 2022

Prayers for a successful procedure. Can't wait to read about recovering and more Phillies news. Get some rest!


Jan 03, 2022

Goddamnit Steve,I just signed up for this site 10 minutes ago, and then read this post. That’s okay, I’m just a selfish fan who wants to heckle you (DIAZ!) in the outfield. I will keep careful track of your positive recovery my friend and read/critique your every article. Your voice always grated on my ears anyway, especially when you were teaching me how to be a better accountant and leader. Your Friend Dave Eklund, Thorndale, PA 610-888-8037

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